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GPM is a digital marketing firm with headquarter in Wiesbaden. It specialises in providing innovative online marketing solutions aimed at generating organic traffic to your webpage and bolster your online presence. With a holistic approach to media management and control, performance maximisation, we ensure our services are performance oriented to meet your marketing and sales goals.

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Online Marketing

The main focus of our activity is on the diverse field of online marketing. We plan, create and supervise custom marketing campaigns on various digital channels - always tailored to your target group. As a full-service agency in the field of online marketing, we bring your products and services directly to your customers. Together, we find a performance and success-oriented method to design and operate your online marketing campaigns. Through continuous reporting, you have the opportunity to always stay on top of our ROI measures.

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The uniqueness of your company requires an equally original website. To optimally present your message online and to reach your target audience most effectively, we design state-of-the-art websites to meet your needs. To display your website in the best possible way on different devices, all our websites have a standard high-quality responsive design. We are also happy to help and advise you on optimising your existing website or in implementing a unique landing page for a special campaign.

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