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Your website should be as original as your business. Your products and services demand a tailor-made target group approach on all online channels - the central element of which is your company website. We create your custom website according to your requirements - success-oriented and adapted to your target group.

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Modern websites are divided into front-end and back-end sections - the front-end is the part of the website that is open to public and visible to all visitors. Our designers and programmers work closely together in all stages of front-end development, enabling us to achieve optimally coordinated results and high-quality designs. We use the latest programming techniques and design trends, but at the same time we can draw on many years of knowledge and a wealth of experience.

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Creation of advertising material

Creating engaging, authoritative and transparent content is critical to reaching your targeted customers. Apart from creating premium websites, we also help you to create engaging content to IAB requirements. Our team of designers can create aesthetic email templates, targeted ads and different tools to optimise your page layout to provide an easy-to-use interface.

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Content managment systems

Nowadays, a content management system (CMS) is often installed in the back-end of modern websites. This greatly facilitates content management and also speeds up the updating process. We will install a suitable CMS for your requirements and accompany you continuously beyond the integration phase. Not only do we work with existing CMS, but we also offer programming of our own solutions. In order to ensure the highest possible usability, we can also customise an optimised user-interface for you or your employees.

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Website optimization

Our Web pages are optimised by default for optimal presentation on different devices. Thanks to modern responsive design, websites created by us look just as good on smartphones, PCs and tablets. Upon request, we can also optimise existing websites. We are happy to advise you on optimising your website in the fields of SEO, usability or lead generation.

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Fraud protection

We understand the importance of protecting your website from fraudulent content especially with lead generation and the e-commerce platform. We provide innovative, customised fraud-protection solutions to our clients ensuring improved privacy and security.

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